by on March 31, 2021

With much stigma behind it, let’s talk about sex & cannabis, and how I feel about it! This is for the pantie tokers, the booty shakers and all you NSFW creators. 

I believe that cannabis & sex can coexist and have coexisted in the same workplace, lifestyle and so on. Consuming cannabis is a chosen lifestyle for most people and I know very well that is stoners alike are not fond of the stereotypes that are portrayed against us, so why would we do that to someone who’s lifestyle we may not agree with?! Cannabis consumers all over the world have been ridiculed for consuming this plant, and yet there are still those who tell people to stop doing what they are doing when they don’t like what they see. If us stoners don’t like being called derogatory names or called out on for our 420 lifestyle, then why are we so judgmental to those who incorporate cannabis into their sex lifestyle? What might work for someone might not work for you, that doesn’t mean that you can tear them down because they are doing something that not only pays their bills but also puts a smile on their face. We are not one to judge because we have all been judged. No one is forced to like content or to even follow for that matter, so if you see something you don’t like simply keep scrolling or just unfollow instead of possibly ruining someone’s day. 

We should not be taking sex out of cannabis lifestyle, instead we should be educating ourselves and by educating ourselves I mean learn the facts on cannabis and sex. In the cannabis books that I have read over the years they always mention the sexual history of cannabis. Yup you read that correctly. When you consume cannabis your brain produces dopamine and with dopamine comes good fuzzy feelings. So if you add masturbation or sexual intercourse into the mix, the chances of an intense orgasm is high! Although that is one of the obvious factors of cannabis usage and sex, there has been studies that show that cannabis can help couples create a deeper sense of connection and intimacy which helps contribute to more sex in their cannabis lifestyle. Just saying, these are proven facts. 

No one has to follow any guidelines, being a cannabis consumer didn’t come with a handbook. Everyone is different and we all express ourselves differently. It’s never up to us to judge others just because we don’t like or agree with their life, what we see on social media is just social media and if we can’t make everyone happy then we just can’t win. It’s not about fitting in, someone’s life style being out dated or being socially accepted. It’s about everyone having a chance to be themselves. We live in a time where everything we do is online, we all have dreams to chase and goals to complete. So many greats things are possible if we chose kindness over hate. 

If you want to smoke your cannabis butt naked, do it! If you want to hit the blunt in your sweats, do it! There is no guideline to cannabis, we can’t control what others do and desire. What works for an individual, works for them. No one is making you do anything you don’t want to do, so keep scrolling when you see a post that you don’t like. Some people want to be sexual so just let them be free, we are all adults anyways. This subject goes beyond so many points, sex and cannabis have been around long before most of us and together we can all end the stigma behind cannabis and sex.

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