Candis Miles
on February 14, 2024

How To Roll A Rose Blunt by 420nurse_CandiKane
by @smokeahontazz @SmokeSessionzz

what i used:
- 2 @royalblunts OGK hemparillos
- 2 @royalblunts Blunts N Roses (Royal Rose wrap)
- about an 8th of weed
- scissors
- lighter

items to cut:
- 1 parallelogram from one of the hemparillos
- petals from the rose petal infused wraps

Preparing Parallelogram (Paper folding)

Recycled Book Paper Rose Craft

Paper rose tutorial! #fyp #paperflower #art #arttutorial

to make the stem:
fill a hemparillo about 2/3rd the way full
take your parallelogram shape, mold it a little with a lighter, fill with weed
fold parallelogram closed
Insert closed stem into the hemparillo that is 2/3rds full
close hemparillo and stem together
use scraps to seal

how i made my flower ( i wish i would have gotten more of the rose petal infuse wraps) :
cut four square pieces with the rose wraps
Take one piece and fold it in half
Fold it again in quarters and draw a heart shape, from fold to fold, as shown above. Cut along the heart and i cut the bottom tip.
Repeat the same on the remaining square pieces.
Put the blunt thru the hole in the middle of the flower petal stem 1st
Arrange them in descending order.
Attach the petals by licking the inside pieces ( i am trying this with a little honey or cannabis oil. i think buddah might work well here)
use lighter to heat quickly for each pedal
Insert weed to top of petals
(i really just sprinkled weed all over it)
Light the top of rose blunt
Hope you likes :)


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