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Male Lives in Santa Rosa, California, United States Born on March 26
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by on June 3, 2017
It may not look like it based on my feed here on this site, but I've been quite busy lately! But I notice I have under 30 photos posted here! Unacceptable! I'm gonna start blasting some of these goings on from the past couple months here in the North Bay. Also about to shoot a whole bunch of Interns, have a major car show coming up that I'm hoping to drag some nurses to for some pin up action, and I will be kicking off my tour of NorCal photo adventure in less than two weeks! Be on the look out ...
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by on May 22, 2017
After a good meeting this morning the North Bay chapter headed off to the Russian River to splash around, chill in the shade, and sample some locally grown Nor Cal product! It was a good day.... but daaaaaaamn was it hot!!! Look for pics to start trickling in!
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by on April 6, 2017
Actually its been a long couple months. Someone elses injury opened up a temporary opportunity for me that I had to take back in January, but my photography life instantly took a huge hit and my body is pushed about as far as it can go. The good news is, it's pretty much all over in two weeks, and I'll be flooding the world with my art once again. I'm hoping to make some interns very happy with some new media very soon!
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by on March 27, 2017
This weekend Psilocybin_ came by The Epothikarium with the badass Kyttin_Little for a 420Nurses Photo Sesh! It was a lot of fun, even though I was wiped out from working all day. Kyttins energy filled the room and with pizza and Dr.P. for fuel, and dabs for days we accomplish most of our goals, which is pretty good for a smoked out Saturday night! Lots of new stuff to come from both Psilocybin and Kyttin_Little, so keep a keen eye out! Here is a sample from each: Intern Kyttin_Little being fi...
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by on March 22, 2017
That's right! And it was quite the load for sure! Thanks to the ladies (and I assume some fellas too) down at HQ for getting this together. There was even a special something something for @psilocybin_ in there. What us that special something you ask? Well that's for Psi to tell you all! ..just as soon as our day jobs allow us to meet to make an exchange (hopefully tomorrow) and then expect a fun little shoot. I hope it's a 420N bikini so I can take more shots of that amazing Nor Cal Bootay!
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