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April Stoney

Female Lives in Oregon, United States Born on April 4
April Stoney
by on December 12, 2015
Have any stories about the first time you smoked, why you got into Cannabis, and why it helps you/has the potential to save the world? Please email me your stories at [email protected] to be featured in my new blog, The Daily Pothead! 420 Nurses has helped me understand that Marijuana is my passion as well as writing, so why not combine both! And it would absolutely be amazing to feature you lovely ladies!!!!
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by on August 8, 2015
I've always lived my life with the motto, "Treat others how you want to be treated," imprinted in the back of my mind. The time of age we live in is so fast paced and busy that, I feel, we sometimes forget to acknowledge one another. Especially in these days, where we need the kindness of others to get us through our most grueling days. With our society experiencing death, poverty and hatred on our televisions and shared through social media on a regular basis, it is no wonder we have become so ...
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by on August 5, 2015
I love nature. And I mean nature in every way, shape and form. Yes, sometimes I find myself screaming at the occasional spider, but I respect it enough to capture it and set it free. Sometimes I find spiders that completely catch my eyes and I can't help but gaze at how beautiful it is! Anyways, back to the topic at hand! I've always loved nature. The beauty of star gazing, the tickle of little butterfly legs crawling against my skin, and the way the wind brushes my cheek with every blow has al...
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by on July 31, 2015
Marijuana has always been a fascination of mine, and when I was 16 that first inhale absolutely sold me. Like I said in a previous blog, even though I took up this particular interest with marijuana my family made me feel like a loser with no ambition because of my cannabis consumption. However, I realized that the cannabis community accepted me with open arms, and I became eager to broaden my knowledge on cannabis. I created an Instagram page documenting my experiences with medical cannabis, an...
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by on July 22, 2015
A few days ago I got into a really nice conversation about marijuana with a woman I met, and she told me that I should work in a dispensary (which I've always wanted to do!) Is there anyone out there that has/is working in a dispensary? Tell me about your experience! Did you have to be super knowledgeable about medical marijuana? What was your interview process like? Any tips you have for me????
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by on July 8, 2015
I love my mother to death, but the thought of her calling me worthless because I smoke marijuana will always stick with me. If only she knew how much it has helped myself as well as other people. Honestly, marijuana has helped me find myself. It has helped my creativity. I think people have this common misconception that if you smoke weed then you're just a lazy stoner that is wasting your life away. In reality stoners are the most productive, laid back and chill people I have ever met! Everyone...
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by on July 5, 2015
There isn't a lot of positive things going on in this world, so if you are reading and you're either going through something or feeling down and out, just know that you are beautiful. This day may not be going so well, but you still have tomorrow to look forward too! So smile, because y'all are a bunch of sexy son of a bitches!!! Peace, love and chicken grease!
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