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Female Born on June 5, 1984
by on November 22, 2016
OK so some of you make think this is a joke but its not. OK well its kind of a joke but im serious. Besides the rules stated before you go into chat there are a few things ppl do to keep themselves from gettign bullied. Whether its putting up a hard exterior or a super-nice one, wearing masks or str8 up just not going on cam we all want to have fun and not be bullied. So how do u think is the best way to make friends and stay super cool on this wonderful chat-room 4evr. Please Id love to hear ...
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by on September 29, 2016
So its been awhile coming but I finally did it... I got my intern kit. YAY! Some doubted me and some were welcoming me happily. Either way - IM GONA ROCK THIS JOINT! lol ;p <3 So thank you to all my fans and a big FUCK U to all the haters ;p teehehehe Ive always been one to stand up for weed and the medical uses from it. "ITS NOT THAT BAD" Is what im always saying and yet its still illegal here in southern Ontario CANADA. So hopefully soon itll be legal here and I wont feel like sucha criminal ...
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