on June 1, 2020
On Monday 420Nurses wears red. I will be wearing my 420Nurses red top. The color red will represent the blood that has been shade on this state it’s time to stand together more then ever. This is everyone’s problem!! All lives matter! Humanity is dying for you to stand up. I was tripping on the news the other day over watching people shaming a lady for not wearing mask at the market this was on live tv news. I was thinking to my self this is bullying like really y’all. Then this shit happens now watching people running over protesters if your not mad and still don’t get it yet Then you are the problem; first hand experience will change your prospective trust me. No one is safe #NoJusticeNoPeace #lovelylely1love #420Nurses #420nursessgvchapterleader #420nurseswewearred
#420nurseslachapter #standwithyou #wematter #420nurseslovelylely #willmysonbenext
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