on January 15, 2020
Hey babes We are having our annual monthly meet up at @420nursesbtq If you would like to attend and need a ride DM me I'll be willing to pick you up.
At the meeting you will hear in great detail on how you can join @420nurses . You will learn how you can grow as a model, learn more about our online store offers, up coming events, and photoshoot availability to help you build your profile. We will also be talking about our contest for our next cover girl for It a Life Style Magazine
Meeting is from 3pm to 6pm
All you need is
Must be 18 yrs and over
Your welcome to bring
Someone of any sex
Note pad laptop for notes 📝
Smoking welcomed
You do not have to smoke to attend or join
Photo shoot slots are available though our website
It is free nothing need but your time
I am located in SGV and I am looking to expand my own chapter
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