Saturday, November 1, 2014 6:39 pm
Blarney Stone Pub, Washington, United States
This weekend ladies and gentalmen I am putting together another tour around Seattle, WA with Mobius Tours.
We will be traveling on Mobius PartyBus to different Medical Mariuana Farmers Markets discovering not only what Washington has to offer its Medical Patients but to also give you some free medicine donated by each place we visit. Smile
And to have fun doing it!!
Tickets are $50. Worth it after the amount of medicine you will be going home with!
Pick up at Blarney Stone Pub in Seattle In pike Place
Time to pick up TBD
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Ashleigh Angel KLein
This was so much Fun!!! CANNA wait to do it AGAIN!! XOX Jeaniegh 420 The Diva of Sativas!!
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