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Lives in Los Angeles, United States Born on May 28
by on October 24, 2017
Okay so I’ve been a 420 nurse goin on 4 months now thee Récent event kush stock was a blast First off there was a ton of people and a ton of vendors The @420nurses booth and the GoldMember extracts was super lit !!!! I had fun and I learned so much about the festival if you missed it better lucc next time !!
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by on September 24, 2017
Good night sleep tight don't let the Boogy man bite !! As we go to sleep on this Day I Ask God to watch over all of our homes keep his guardian angeles protected around us ߑϰߏްߙϰߏްߙϰߏ Amen You know, when I first became a 420nurse I was excited because that was an opportunity given to me by God. I just Had To Accept The Calling And I Did All Within the Week of July 21,2017 and friends can I tell you my life have been blasting off since then . When I came to my first chapter meeting I received my ...
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by on August 19, 2017
It starts from our #420nurse @guccimontanna picking me up from my Los Angeles home and we discuss our theme for tonight which was #RickandMorty oh the fun we had while driving . When we arrived to our Headquarters we met up with our other #420nurses ...you know when a group of Females come together and smoke Cannabis and were all Friends it's nothing but GoldenVibes So then the sesh started and here comes 100fans As Promises With their Goodybags looking at the different vendors tasting all the ...
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by on August 7, 2017
Friday Night Sesh was Amazing From the Set Up To The Take Down To Going To Sleep And Waking Up (After having Lots Of #Dabs from The Night Before ) To My 420Nurses Letting Me Know They Safe I Personally Enjoyed The Burlesque Dance Show It was Beautiful To The Soul I Find out something new every Friday Night With My Team Since I Started And I'm Looking For More Opportunities and More Learning About The Vendors And The Products They Bring .There is So Much Love At The Friday Night Sesh Why Not Ta...
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by on July 31, 2017
Friday Night sesh was amazing We have lots of people dabs promotions and vibes I love seeing all the 420 nurses communicate and us build the community up
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by on July 22, 2017
My Days As A 420Nurse so Far Has Been An Exciting Experience From the Class To The Sesh Party To My Actuall living As I have been Promoting 420Nurses I have met and have been introduced to soo many people My favorite Part is When They Ask ..... What Is A 420Nurse It's a Advertising Modeling Photography Business That so happens Specialize in Cannabis Wanna Join (as I pull out my joint and smoke A piece peacefully) take a picture and show the world your version of how cannabis makes you feel...
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