by on March 6, 2019
 I'm so excited for my performance on 4/20 and the whole day itself. Making the outfit is usually the best part for me. I love being able to use my creativity in every way possible. Looking foward to start practicing and thinking of a routine.ߌ
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by on March 4, 2019
  The 420 Nurses Southwest Launch event was a success. We got the word out and spread the love. The vendors were all great and the performances were amazing!                          I'm glad I was able to perform with my partner who is an amazing dancer. We made and practiced the routine that same morning. We had less than an hour to do it. He had to leave to another practice and his allergic to my cat Valentino.                                                           When you love what you d...
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by on January 14, 2019
Whenever I have a nice fat dab of Gold Member Extracts it gets me so high, and feeling so good that I wont need another for a few hours before I am taking my second dab. It goes straight to the head, especially when using my nectar collector that I bought from the 420 Nurses Boutique. It really comes in handy for quick dabs and when you don't want to carry a lot of stuff with you to wherever you want to smoke. Great for Travel.(: So I just heat up my tool, have my fat dab of Gold Member Extr...
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