by on July 12, 2022

Hey guys, what's up! I'm Mary and I wanted to explain why I'd be a good candidate to work at the 420nurses boutique. First I see myself as a glass connoisseur and I already have a good amount of knowledge on things surrounding glass, bongs etc. I'm really good with disposable vapes & like a wide variety of flavors and would be able to help our customers. I know my way around the store because I already spend a lot of time at the boutique shopping around for the cute & comfy clothes that I can wear to either sesh or a rave or for everyday outfits. I think liking what I'm selling would help me help the customers as well. I obviously don't know everything I would need to know to work there but I am a very fast learner, attentive and helpful I live close by, I'm available mondays-thursday and some weekends if you need me. I'm super pumped and looking forward to this amazing opportunity. 🥰

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