by on April 18, 2022

Hey y'all for those of you who do not know me I go by the name Amber Poundz it's a long story but it's a good name 🤩 

I'm Cali grown gone Texan but moved back home to be with family in 2019.  

I like to say life's a trip enjoy the ride, I've truly been through so much lately that it's giving me mental breakdowns and God is so good that he gave me a new family even though he took mine away.  The 420 nurses have given me something I lost when I moved back home in 2019, a sense of father had a heart attack, right when we got back from Texas in 2019 and 8 months later my mother passed away in the hospital right when covid started not from covid, but from her choices in life and her vices.  I'm here to say that you really only need cannabis everything else is just a luxury item that you're either coping your life with or destroying it by intoxicating your body with alcohol or pills.  I found out recently that I have double scoliosis and on the next x-ray was told I have degenerative disc disease and I just turned 31!  On top of all this terrible news some good did come I started going to graphic design school found a little studio and was happy for the moment.

Another saying I  have is life is like a heartbeat it's always going up and down, when you're up one minute best believe you'll probably be down the next.  The studio landlord was pure evil and for some reason God decided to make my graphic design school close, after being there for almost 2 years so I decided to take a break leave the studio and move in with family once more damn I was homeless again....  A few months ago I finally moved into my two bedroom two bath. 

I find it hard to maintain a happy place because everyday I want to cry I guess it's the depression, I hope it goes away soon.  I try to occupy my mind with other things like longboarding, working hard, gardening, and making it to as many of our event s as possible, one of my favorite things to do is laugh and I truly just want to be happy I've left so many opportunities in the pursuit of happiness, I truly just want what's best for me and my 7 year old son, it's funny my mom named me after one of the greatest supermodels ever, Christie Brinkley so growing up I always said I had big shoes to fill.  I started in the 420 nurses as a photographer but I fell so much love and being a model that I encourage all  men and women to try.  I grew up extremely self-conscious for a while I don't really know probably people and things that happen to my past but being a 420 nurse has made me realize everybody's beautiful in their own skin.  You just have to find what makes you feel like that.   For me it's putting on a little bit of makeup and doing my hair getting dressed up and having my friends take awesome pictures while I too get a chance to do what I love which is photography.  I want to thank our chapter leader Tiny for everything she does, Selena and Dani thank you for your commitment to the chapter and I can't wait to see what our future holds.  

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