Shauna Ray Webster
by on July 27, 2021

So out of my head 1st journey into Learning what A 420 nurse is and what it could be I guess I had not expected a few things along the way.

 One I kinda expected everyone to be OK with constructive criticism especially when it is out of care and worry.

 Too I kind of expected this to be like the sisterhood of the traveling pants and people be more open to be to Being mentors.

 3 I also did not expect to be willing to go across the world, becoming a vice president, or having this many opportunities.

 4 I expected since i paid for an intern kit to be utilized as an intern any wave shape form possible. I expected to have more hands on experience with my most recent trip. 

 51 thing I did not count on realizing is that there there is high school classes everywhere everywhere. I should have known that there would be here as well.

 All of this being said I am very thankful for my chapter kushwife and Kitty being willing to mentor me and walk me through different steps.

 I am so appreciative for all of the free classes I get to join join as well as the very genuine for 20 nurses I've met and befriended along the way.

 Another thing I didn't realize was how many fans I truly had to back me up.

 From now on I will make sure that I am the best person I can be. Be very involved in all the abdicating Possibility is not only in Florida. I will learn to be like the sisterhood of the traveling pants. 

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me about photo shoots shoots as well as befriending and asking for help. Thank you to those who have bought intern kits as well.

 My experience thus far has been very amazing and I am very grateful for all the opportunities.

 I'm not a quitter even when things go bad I just might change how I do it. You have to be open to receiving not always giving you're giving and you have to learn to mentor where you can on what you can.

 Thank you for teaching me how to make negatives positives and make positives impact those around me for the better

 Thank you for allowing me these opportunities cha summer and Jimmy 

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