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by on March 10, 2021

Written in August 2020



I cannot believe how long it’s been since my last blog post about Polyamory. I guess it’s not so much of a surprise that I haven’t written with everything that has been going on with Covid. 


What I can’t believe is how fast time has moved since our wedding; the year is half over and it still feels like we got married yesterday. 


Since getting married our marriage or relationship is still very open to women. As a triad we are open to expanding our relationship if we find the right person. Dating together is a lot of fun. It’s super exciting when we go on dates together. When another women has shown interest in all three of us, one of us normally asks her to hangout or on a date and we take things from there. It has been somewhat harder to date and mingle with the social distancing guidelines that are literally everywhere but we are still making the most out of dating in the mean time. 


I think it’s harder to date as a triad than it is as a couple or as someone who is single. Im sure the whole “all or nothing” package deal can seem intimidating. Although it wasn’t that way when I met them I knew very much so I was getting myself into and I was ready for it. I’ve always had a crazy motivation to insert myself into their life however I could. I’ve made myself very much so apart of this triad, and while I did have some feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability in the very beginning, they have been replaced with feeling full and very certain in what I want. It’s easy to feel like a variable when you’re coming into an existing relationship. But it’s important you find out where those feelings stem from because it’s likely it’s not coming from the relationship itself, but rather from some kind of childhood trauma or social environment . 


Sure not every day in a polyamorous relationship is going to be daisies and roses, it’s more like unicorns and rainbows. Unpredictable, colorful, sporadic, scary, exciting, and so cool it seems unreal. 


Our polyamorous triad relies a whole lot on trust, comprehension and communication. 



If you think you have the capacity to love or have emotional connection with multiple people at once then polyamory might be for you. If you’ve been thinking a lot about polyamory it might be for you. 


If you are a single person interested in polyamory I would say your next step is finding someone you can explore with and start your journey into polyamory with. You and your partner(s) must together have mutual interest or acceptance of what kind of polyamory you’re looking for to make it work. This step is key. And sometimes you might not be finding that person maybe they will find you.  


When chacha and jimmy met, it was on one of their first dates that chacha told jimmy she liked girls and wanted to date girls together. He was pretty ok with it as you could imagine. 


Mind you, polyamory or wanting to expand your relationship doesn’t always come to you before you have a partner already. Maybe you are solo but you’re ideal relationship or fantasy involves more than one person, whatever it is that you’re looking for out of polyamory there’s no right place to start. 



Now that it’s about another half year later since I wrote this I will be writing another blog with an update now that we have passed our 1 year polyamory marriage anniversary, how we have been living through the pandemic, and also including big surprise that we are oh so excited for. Stay tuned.

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