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by on June 8, 2020

So as some of you may know I own a mini pig named ziggie. He is a Juliana mini pig. The Juliana is a small, colorfully spotted pig.  I love my baby so much and I decided to make design a cute pig glass line for my pig. 

You can find water pipe tubes, pipes, dab rig style waterpipes, and bowls, handmade/ BORN here in the San Fernando Valley, just like Ziggie the Piggie.








You can also get a 10% off discount if you shop from my link 









Some fun facts about my pig 




He LOVES to eat. Its his favorite pass time. Hell eat about anything but bell peppers he doesn’t like those much. Zucchinis or carrots are his favorite vegetables, and watermelon, apple, and  banana are his favorite fruits.  Most of the time he eats his pellets but we give him lots of fresh foods like spinach and he’s loves it :) 



He doesn’t like to take baths like most pigs I’ve seen on the internet. LOL This has been a task over this last year, I normally give him a whole watermelon to chow down on before I bathe him down in a small area so he can’t escape. Muahahahah. No but he really makes it very hard to bathe him, unlike our dogs who will gladly Jump in any kind of water.



He loves coconut oil. at least once a month I will spread coconut oil on his skin. And give him a spoonful or two to eat also, its yummy and so good for him. 



Last fun fact, he definitely is a mini pig despite the fact people think hes gotten large, hes just grown up! real size pigs are giant beautiful beings, and if you look up bigger piggies youll find that in fact, ziggie is mini. 


Baby ziggie


1 year old ziggie 

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