by on May 18, 2020

So many of you know my name is Krysta, I am 20 and turn 21 in September. Well, I'm gonna give this my best shot, I have 2 boys a baby and a 2 year old. I grew up with a crackhead mom in a very bad environment, for the first 9 years of my life her and my step dad fought, beating each other up bloody, screaming at each other so I though that it was normal, I thought everyone's older sister help them rocking them comforting them with their bedroom door locked.. we had to move constantly sometimes different states.. sometimes we would have to emergency leave because cops came to our door and we couldn't take anything except what we could grab in like 10 or 20 minutes, I went to so many different school I lost count so I never really wanted to make friends and when I did make friends they always ended up making fun of me for my family or just stop being my friend and never tell me why. (Luckily I had my big sister always she was my best friend through all this) I feel this is what made me have such bad social anxiety and made me portray myself as someone I was not. I always was afraid to talk to people and I would get hella awkward when I would try to talk to people, I have always pretended everything was fine in my life and always showed what other people wanted to see, I was always getting fucked up and blacked out more times than I probably should have cause I don't even know the number lmao, I never was my true self and now that I am joining the 420nurses it is helping me show my inner woman that I really am to come out of her shell. I am married and it is definitely complicated so we won't get into that. I want to experience so much more and I want my kids to not grow up barely getting by.. I started smoking when I was pretty young I was about 10 or 11 and not too long after that I was smoking every day because it helped me socialize more and be a little bit more of myself, ever since I started smoking I am way more calm and can deal with things in a better fashion and just helps me vibe better.

Always I have wanted to be a model and/or a photographer, but I never set any goals in life or reached out trying to pursue these things because I never thought I would get anywhere, who would give someone like me a chance?when there are so many more beautiful and wealthier women with better families that actually have friends. 420nurses gives me hope that I will get myself out there and become more and help support the beauty of women and the many amazing way cannabis can help the world 💚

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You are so strong and brave for putting all that out there. You are beautiful! And strong and capable and the world will see it!!