by on April 3, 2020

I know this is a difficult time for a lot of people right now, i want to remind people of some things that are a positive in this. Just think of all the times you wanted to be at home, and in bed when you were at work, here is your chance to reset your body, to rest and relax, a lot of people have some emotional pains they have had been delt in the past and never had the time to heal from, take this time to heal from any and all past pains. Look at this as a reset button, i have been doing yoga, juicing, hiking, i painted my entire room, I reorganized everything, my closet, my room, and i went through everything i owned and cleaned it, i did all my laundry, I have made some thc treats, I have done some sun soaking, I have done a photoshoot, i have filmed a video, i have cleaned a hike, I have some books i want to read, i have some things i want to write, i have taken an amazing bath, and will be taking more, I have made some thc lotion, I have tried to use this time as proactivly as possible. what are some things you have done to pass the time postivily???


remember to look for the silverlining, after this is over you can have a whole new start!! for all the times people say the world keeps turning, we have taken a pause, and all you should focus on at this time is staying healthy, staying inside, and using your time proactivly. 


:) <3 xoxo -lexi

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