Rain Rose
by on August 9, 2019

Chachavavoom is a force to be reckoned with. She is driven by her passion for freedom, good intention, loyalty, and authenticity, and as a result, she has devised an ingenious platform for community, financial and existential growth, freedom of expression, and social acceptance. 

 In 2009, she founded 420Nurses in Los Angeles, California, and not long after that, the 420Nurses.com website was launched on February 2010. 

 This instantly transformed 420Nurses into a movement for women who are striving to network on a larger scale.

 Since the beginning stages of 420Nurses,  Chachavavoom managed to develop a community that has continued to grow exponentially throughout the years, bringing about its rapid development into globalization that is evident by the mere presence of each and every one of the existing 420Nurses Chapters.


“ Being part of the 420nurses is a privilege that can expedite any girl’s dream of being a model, photographer, makeup artist, or entrepreneur. “ 

- an excerpt from the site


420Nurses is an open agency that provides women with a platform to promote themselves, and other brands and companies in the business, mutually benefiting their growth potential. 

 Thanks to their President’s ingenuity, 420Nurses has provided a safe hiring and networking online experience aimed at businesses, models, photographers, picture editors, hair stylists, makeup artists, managers, bookers, volunteers, activist, and virtually everyone involved in the entertainment industry. 

 Their cool and addicting, easy to use site puts the power back into the artist’s hands. People actually have the opportunity to do something and to make money, and feel secure with this hiring platform.


On March 10th, 2018 the ceremony and grand opening of the 420Nurses Boutique 

was held in Canoga Park, California - located on Topanga Canyon.

Here, the monthly 420Nurses Los Angeles Chapter meeting has been held, along with 420Nurses Fashion Shows, C-B-D infused dinners, and other interactive events for the local community. 


420Nurses launched their first ‘It’s Your Lifestyle’ magazine on April 20th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The magazine aims to promote local businesses, as well as to inform and educate readers about trending/new  products/brands on the cannabis market, C-B-D and the medicinal benefits/use of cannabis, and alternative lifestyles along with an array of other taboo topics. The magazine aspires to inspire readers with the power of understanding and acceptance by familiarizing the unknown through learning.


Chachavavoom is an inspirational woman who strives to empower others and in doing so, is a supreme example of what it is to be an influential leader of our times.


This is why I believe that my nomination deserves this award.

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