by on July 10, 2019

Everyone hates the bad bitch making a change. Why? I don't know or care; I just deal with the whiplash. "Everyone loves a thick bitch" and bbw searches are "a big market" but it is still hard to see that love. In my city, I'm the bad bitch trying to push for change. I know a lot of people do not support me for one reason or another, but I do not see them doing anything to better our community; even when we "throw parties" we do it to help our community grow. I want to be on the cover of It's Your Lifestyle to give more inspiration to the women in my community that are pushed down and try and push down other women. Why? Because I do care about being the change that the community needs, in the front line, or in the shadow.  

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You are not only gorgeous but inspiring also!!!
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looking perfect !
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