by on June 4, 2019

I'm excited af to be in the contest! I know there are thousands of contestants and to be top 10 in my region is an honor. Many of the competitors are plastic surgery pretty, and I'm one of those "pre-op" models. 

I am happy to send thank you pics if you send me a screenshot of your bonus votes on here!

If you don't subscribe to my patreon or ismygirl then I will comp you some of those pics for bonus votes over $25.

If you want me to cast a spell for you, I am down af to exchange energy and money. Send me a screenshot of what you donated to the Music fund and I will cast a spell for you to be blessed threefold. IF YOU HAVE BEEN HEXED (EVEN BY ME) THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO REPENT AND TO GET YOUR HEXES REMOVED. ALL CURSE REMOVAL IS 666 BONUS VOTES. 

Thank you! 

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You go girl ! I'm rooting for you !
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