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by on December 6, 2018
HI. to you all , happy holidays. i have been trying to be in a good mood.
november was a hard month, for me, I wanted to be more active but , i was running out of options. so i came here to see my parents in the country.
was excited overl over the summer there was medical marijuana everywhere here so i came down with some thinking i could get some more. Babying my stash and skipping a few days, i manged to get by,last week, i went hunting and found when i scraped some money to buy a smoke it was sold to me in a shifty ice cream store.
today, i went back and it was closed !
So, it seems as if Hemet and san bernadino are not 420 friendly, oddly enough my neighbor knows you all as he was a grower.( i gave him a card )lol:)
he got his clinic shut down, and now today after waiting and much stress, i went a bud hunting and can not find a clinic here, so I called delivery service .
Suprise ! it was $50 and 1/8 3.5 grams. WTF ?? i told the guy i m from LA and I can get an OZ,for that, too rich for me, lol :)
,what was he talking about,?? consulting the Oracle of weedmaps was not helpful at all for once, as they only listed the medical clinics that were or where to get a rec.
There was a great store on it on highway ,74 that was literally filled with old people getting medicine ,all summer, is now closed. I really belive that the poeple that wanted it for recreational have now messed it up for everyone ! as all these old hippies down here told me they loved that spot, and these are people with real disability, that cannot get what they need. cutting into tourist revenue or adding to someone like me, who needs campassionate care can not get a good price. :( so, i think these county are missing a great assest to thier commmunity, cause now the homeboys are back slinging on the street. this is dangerous for the buyers, and the sellers and does the cops no good in catching real drug criminals.
I do like it here and was hoping for a black misson sesh or go to san bernadino for some green a 20 min drive, we found one on the indian rezervation and had good prices but its over the hill, 30 min , for all that , I was tempted to go to San Diego and get some smoke.. so here i sit no holiday cheer and I dont mind not smoking for a few days but now i cant sleep, and am waking up at 5 am cause i am not getting deep sleep. I am hoping to find a kind neighbor, but hate all the ass kissing and the waiting , it is a shame to as there was a thriving business here over the summer and im sure the city was making money. but conservative country music people , who are usually alkies, dont like, pot smokers, well i dont like country music but that doesnt stop everyone from playing it . !! LOL. so I will be meditating and I am doing yoga once a week or so, thansk to baked in babe for getting me in the habit. I will mail some jewlery for your raffle and hope to come and visit real soon. I am thinking if I can get a job here for a few weeks, i can make some money for a car. they are cheap here in the country. ! there is snow and rain. I will take some pictures of it and maybe do some photos. i been calling on the delivery services and still trying to get sponosrs and on facebook i got a few bites for some new girls, so I passed on the info and am following up.
so one of the things that some people have asked about its carpool to events, I dont drive so i would be happy to gas up someone car and hae some fun toghether, so maybe that is something we can work on.
So quick shout out to Les Swab tires who hooked my dad up with a free tire , when we popped ours on a storage trip. ! thanks very nice .
so in conclusion., activism is needed and the delivery service is doing great out here but its bad for the consumer. :( I am going to write santa a letter and ask him to bring me a red 420 nurses shirt and some joints. !!! lol. Ill keep you all posted, I can make things so if u need jewelry or gifts message me I make cute stuff. !! please follow me on facebook and maybe we can get some pot activist out here to get these old folks some medicine. !!! happy holiday and remember is to pay it forward and to be kind to one another. let it snow !
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Angelheart clothing
2 year within city limits, measure Z, WAS A TRICK TO GET VOTERS TO NOT LEGALIZE IT.
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