by on October 12, 2018
There's always an alternative to prescription pills. Cannabis!
Cannabis can help in so many ways. It can help with muscle spasms/tremors, Nausea from cancer chemotherapy, weight loss or poor appetite, seizures and diabetes.
Take it from me, I have a chronic illness that affects me everyday. You may not see it but it's there reminding me that at any moment I could lose all control of my body. The frightening word "Relapse." I've chosen to use cannabis instead of prescription pills. For me, I would rather smoke a bowl or use some C-B-D lotion for my symptoms then take a hand full of pills. By the way, if you ever stop and read the side effects of some of these drugs you will see that they make the symptoms worse or cause new ones.
What do you use cannabis for? How does cannabis, weed, pot, ganja what ever you choose to call it, help you? Comment below👇
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