by on October 4, 2018
I swear it feels like I can breathe again since we're finally into October and Halloween season. This is my favorite time to model since the ideas are unlimited and unrestricted. You can be any character or style that you want. I say that and yet I normally stick to Steampunk and Gothic styles. I've been dressing up in Steampunk wear for the last 5 years and started out in an outfit I asked my mother to sew since there was no affordable Steampunk gear. Finally in 2018 this style is more well known and it is far easier to find things such as goggles and corsets. I'm excited for Friday Night Sesh and the ability to see people pair 420Nurses gear with their favorite Halloween costumes and styles. I'm even more excited for the Fashion show and the future shows that'll be planned after. Just always awesome to see people's creativity at its height.
I also love October since it's finally the month that's not scorching hot in California. I don't have to wait til after 6pm to get things done in my garden without fear of a heat stroke. And of course tis the season for harvesting so that always helps with knowing I have ways to care for myself and others with this healing herb.
So what's your favorite Halloween costume to dress up in?
And what is your favorite month of the year?
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