by on August 26, 2018
Since March, alot of negative shit has happened to me. In the early morning On March 12, 2018, I bearly just woke up..i haven't even had a cigarette nor coffee yet, but i get yelled at by my ex boyfriend telling me that my other ex boyfriend called my phone over a dozen times and that when he answered my phone,that he hung up on him. Now, my ex knew that i just woke up and haven't even began to light a cigarette yet but he started yelling and cursing me out over the other one calling me to make sure i was awake for my photo shoot that i had that morning. So, my ex slapped me on my ass and i, natural reaction, hit him back and i told him not to do that ever again and i told him to go take a walk or something to calm down and as i was trying to get him to go out the room, he hit me in the face and splited my lip open. And I reacted in self-defense. Our neighbors heard all of the commotion and came out of their rooms and tried to break us up from fighting. Once they were successful in breaking us apart, one of our neighbors called the cops. The cops finally showed up, took a report and pictures of me,by then my ex was no where to be found so that they could detained him, and told me that if he showed up, to call them again. Then they left. Like shortly after they left, he came back and i called again, and then he left again, so they didn't arrest him. By this time, it was getting close to the time i was supposed get ready to go my shoot, and i called the photographer and asked if he was on his way, he said he was and to meet him outside. So, i did. Then when the photographer showed up, he saw that i was crying and that my lip was split, and told me that he had to cancel due to my lip being split. So, he took me to get me away from where i was to the beach so that i can gather all of my thoughts and calm down. So we sat there and talked for a bit and since he was concerned about my safety, he told me that he wasn't going to bring me back to where i was and asked if i knew of somewhere else i can go, i told him yes and we drove there. Once we parted ways, i made a promise to the photographer that i wouldn't go back there at all, so i didn't. I then went to my program and told them what happened and how i was not safe to go back there. So that evening, my program put me into a motel and the next day, they got me into a independent living. So, i went back to where my ex was to get my stuff and my dog, and he started shit with me, i punched him, then i got some of my shit that i can carry plus my dog and bounced out. The next day, i was getting ready to go retrieve some more of my things, but was told that he plus the on-site manager threw away all of my belongings and shit and that they were gone. So what i had with me from the day that it happened, was all that i had. I was severely beyond pissed. But since then, I've came up and i truly got blessed with getting another shot in getting a apartment through the San Diego Housing Commission, and i am doing a hell of alot better then he is from what i am told. I thank the lord above for getting me through that situation and blessing me with a a wonderful opportunity to rebuild my life again. I needed that change..so I'm going to make that change happen. The reason why i used the title "Man In The Mirror" is because i, not only love that song by Michael Jackson, but to testify how i got as far as i have and why i really haven't been on here or anything lately. I just hope that my situation can inspire someone who's been or going down the same road I'm on, that u don't have to stop just right there. U have to keep on pushing forward no matter what....i am.
Thanks guys and girls for reading my blog,
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