by on January 19, 2018
I planned on making a comeback this year. Since this is still the beginning of the year, i am doing big things for myself as a model, a person, and a 420nurse. First, i got arrested, then i got released, then after that i got a job working for SafetyNet Wireless, and after that had a photoshoot and now i got another photoshoot that I'm doing this weekend to build my 420nurses portfolio....i am turning negatives into positives this year cause i hate to say it, this is my mfin' year to make my comeback. I ain't got time for no haters,fake ass friends, or anything to that nature...that part. I'm making Da_toker_420 be known....I came to slay. So, i hope to get and gather up more fans on here, IG, and Facebook this year, cause last year was just a start...but this year here...shit, it's gonna be lit this year. Just watch as the new Da_toker_420 make a comeback in 2018...
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