by on January 17, 2018
I've been going through a lot recently with this company and the people I believed were on the same page.
Come to find out I may have made it to easy for people to be apart of growing a business
The title is Square one because I am now starting back at square one.
I do not blame my fallen team for our down fall
I blame myself.
When I started, my first Washington State chapter leader wasn't very helpful in my journey here at 420nurses. She had other goals.
I learned a lot from watching and listening to the wonderful Summer Rain and ChaChaVaVoom but one thing I always over looked was defining how much work it truly takes
While I put in the money and motivation I forgot to ask the same from my team.
And when I allowed that to happen to long, I made it impossible for myself to ask them to contribute more.
Because of my mistake I made it seam like this was going to be easy.
Once it got harder my team got overwhelmed and we have sadly split paths.
I'm writing this for any future chapter leader and any intern.
I made my mistake and I'm learning from them.
As I start back at square one I will always remember to support you, but I will not provide for you.
This is a company where we work hard and we earn what we have.
We prove who we are as people by helping eachother not just taking help but giving it back.
And I hope I can regrow a stronger team while I still learn from my mistakes. I hope others are willing to grow with me and my goals.
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