by on January 2, 2018
My plans for 2018 is to step my A-game up and be more active this year than i was in 2017. I want to do more with my career and with the 420nurses, and I'll be damnned if i let anything come in my way of achieving this as my goal. I want to become a 420nurse model and still be devoted to my career as a model. This is my year to do it and I'm going for it! My mom use to tell me, "if u wanna be somebody, if u wanna go somewhere, u gotta wake up and pay attention to ur goals and keep ur eyes and focus on it, cause if not, u will surely fail". Words from the wise. So, i keep that as my strength as i enter 2018, and let this be my inspiration to keep on keeping on. Well, i hope u enjoy my blog, stay tuned for more to come....
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