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Let me start off by saying that Friday night sesh and Chalice weekend was great as fuck!! I had such a blast and really got a grasp of how amazing these women are<3 Chacha and Summer had Readhead OG and I help out at the headquarters since they were at Chalice that day helping out Red Dragon Extracts at their booth! Alongside with Jimmy at Friday Night Sesh and everyone else who works there were a great help! I didn't realize how much work the girls put in setting up for this event EVERY WEEK. I serious commend them. A lot went on to say the least but with the help of everyone I didn't feel so overwhelmed DX Thank you to everyone who puts their dedication to Friday Night Sesh every week! You guys are amazing! And thank you so much for being patient if I fucked up some how :[ BUT it was overall a good night! After Friday Night Sesh Jimmy, Redhead OG, Mysterymoonchild, and our awesome Photographer and the rest of the event staff for FNS stayed until 1 am! THats another thing! I didnt realize how late they all stayed! You guys are amazing! So after FNS Jimmy drove us to Victorville! Where we stayed at the lovely ISIS' house! Thank you so much for letting us stay there girl! <3 Saturday Morning we got up and had us a #wakeandbake along side with some awesome breakfast then on our way to Chalice we went! We got there and it was ridiculously hot im super sensitive to heat so I thought I was going to die D: We got to the Red Dragon booth and starting up was kind of slow because I had no idea what to do! It was my first time so I was like fuuuuuuuuuu lol BUT I got the flow of things. I kind of lost my voice because I was trying to get patients to come to our booth to try the product! it was overall a great weekend! And im glad i got the experience to meet all the people I met and connections I made. It was also fun promoting for the nurses and getting a chance to introduce what the nurses are about!
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