by on June 25, 2017
Last Night in MoVal I got to attend my 1st Taco Sesh as an active 420 intern. I was so excited, cause I wasn't sure that I was going to make it. Luckily my husband got off of work and decided to come along. It isn't easy for him, he has terrible social anxiety, but he actually had a great time and said that he wants to come again. The atmosphere there was just as I remembered, cause it's been a bit since I have been able to attend. Everyone was super duper friendly and so much positivity and love from the vendors and patients in attendance. I also stopped by the Red Dragon Extracts booth and picked up some G.G. 4 for 10 bucks a gram, I mean come one, It's the Best! Plus it's free to attend 18+ with your Ca Rec. and I.D.
Holy crumbs, while I was Just standing there, this girl walked up and gifted me not only a pre-roll, but a Pikachu edible, that doesn't even count the free edible and gram of flower that I snagged when the were doing giveaways! Also almost all the vendors are doing dabs and giving away free samples, Plus there are vendors doing some absolutley Scrumdidliumpcious medicated food. Whatever you're looking for I am sure one of the many awesome vendors there will have all you need medicinallySmile!
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