by on January 26, 2017
ok, so i am at this training, and the facilitator starts talking about weed smokers. calling it drugs, and saying how she used to while she was depressed, but she grew out of it. that weed is a gateway drug, and it being legal is how they get you, cause now those that smoke can't enjoy life without being high, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum...
i held my tounge cause i did not want her opinion of what i wanted to say to affect any future employment, but, er, ummmmm....
1st off, it's a plant not drug. most dont even understand why it was deemed illegal.
it is good for depression. most potheads know that erthang is better high. some may think that is the high talking for me, but those folks need to acknowledge all the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits marijuana can offer.
weed is a gateway drug... to the fridge cause i got the munchies. maybe to some water if i get dry mouth. to some bomb sex if i am in the mood, and to some good dayum sleep.
this female was young. i am knocking on 50. i been here long enough to know that i know, that i know that i know, and still OVERstand i dont know shit.
sick of judgmental folks that are ignorant of facts. the loud and wrong need to sit down and shut the fuck up.
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