Golden Bud
by on December 27, 2016
Im blogging in response for the casting call to Happy Place Festival. One of the many reasons why i should be picked to work side by side with a global wide community, is to continue to inspire others with our same vision. I want to be able to learn and surround my self with positive ideas to help our community grow. I want to contribute with bringing my positive vibration to recruit other like minded ladies. I would be honored to be representing 420Nurses as a promotional model as im selling 420nurse apparel, giving out raffles tickets, networking and setup/clean up when needed.

Being able to work at Happy Place Festival as a 420Nurse intern would be extremely special to me. I remember taking a group photo at Chalice fest 2015 for the first time with ChaCha, Summer and all the other amazing models at your booth and thinking to myself how much i wanted to be a part of your community. I'm super stoked to have Happy Place Festival by my house, where im able to not only spend New Years with my 420nurse family but, also have them over my house to spend the night<3 With that being said, as a 420nurse intern regardless of being chosen to attend the event or not, i will always happily with honor promote my girls!<3333 Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my blog<3 Much LOVE, PEACE, UNITY & RESPECT <3

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