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by on August 29, 2016
So becoming an Official 420 Nurse has been on my short term goals list. It took me a lil longer than i expected in becoming official but that was my own doings. The more you dedicate yourself and the effort you put in is what makes it all come true. Im a little on the late train but i recently got ill the weekend after i became official. The docs cant find anything wrong like usual just so much pain. But im getting back in to my groove gotta put myself out there Smile love being apart of the cannabis community not only educating myself i get to educate others on information i learn. Just cuz were 420 nurses doesnt mean we know everything that is why i try and educate myself everytime i attend events or meet new companies. I know somtimes ppl look at me cuz its a dumb question.???? but in reality its not a dumb question because i need to know i rather ask and be educated then not know and look dumb...Being apart of this family is fun yes it has its ups and downs but it just depends how you take it im such a positive person i do not like negativity around me so whenever i feel a vibe i just try and turn it positive there shouldnt be no hate in this stoner fam were all here to fly high and get educated doing what we love.! I think since now i made it official my next goal shoud try and start a chapte here in ventura county. HMMM..??????
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LOL I feel the same way sometimes but have learned its better to ask then assume or be mis-informed! In this business there is so much to know its impossible to know everything and knowledge is so powerful especially for us females, you go girl! CONGRATS ON BECOMING OFFICIAL! Very cool accomplishme... View More
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