Green MnM
by on July 12, 2016
I was able to attend chalice 2016 this year. I was excited to be able to expierence what everyone talks about.! But turns out....I didn't know it was gonna be that hot and idk what happened to my body I drank so much water tried to stay hydrated as much as possible I just did not know what was going on my body was not liking the weather I could not enjoy my dabs or bong rips what so ever...Besides the heat I was so glad I was able to chill with the ladies at the 420nurses booth met so many new ppl took some pics but for some reason I have none on my phone.! Wahhhh so if anyone has pics please let me know. Glad I got to see dizzy wright and k-camp perform.! Dizzy actually check Nikki tessy and my butts out.! Haha it was so funny.! Wish I coulda been there the whole time but my body just was not having that heat.! Until next year my chalice buddies.! After attending this event I have to attend ever single event from now on.! It's so much fun meeting new ppl and hanging out with the girls. I also got to do a dab challenge with super clinik and ganjaloto ice cream so bomb.!!! And so much fun haha they have Fire meds and bomb medicated ice cream. Thank you summer and Chacha for having me at chalice this year.! One love.!
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so gld you came love:]
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