Green MnM
by on July 4, 2016
Ok so idk why but before I had a real hard time getting 5 star reviews...I've gotten bad feedback so much negativity and just made me feel like crap and when someone makes me feel angry I just say screw it all and move on...but somthing kept telling me I know I can do it.! I just gotta vibe with the right people. Not everyone is going to agree with me...I thought to myself why am I the one getting all worked up and angry at myself because they were rude or didn't want the review...? In the long run I'm the one going home pissed off and they act like it didn't happen. So I said screw it lets do these reviews get in with good people because I love meeting new faces cuz it's always been hard for me to vibe with others...I'm a lil anti-social but I'm slowly breaking out if I just be my stoner self I've noticed a lot of companies and stoners ask me what is 420nurses.? It's been such a positive vibe when I attend events and I've gotten all my reviews done which I need to get more stickers from summer and Chacha so I can keep on going.! I've come a long way and just been staying positive even when it's so bad and negative I just puff it all away live another day you never know what's gonna happen.! Do what makes you happy.!!
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