Green MnM
by on June 27, 2016
I got to attend the bus double cup with two other wonderful nurses, Killernikk and Tessyjean as well as Alanna taking wonderful photos of us all. I had so much fun with these ladies. We got to meet a lot of business as well as other fellow stoners. I was able to get some reviews done which was exciting. Its nice to see how other business are interested to know more about what us 420 nurses can bring. On the other hand there are some closed minded people who try and put you down, but me as a person i do not like drama and shine it off an encourage others to do more and be a better person. Ive got to say i think my fav booth that time was The Original Dr. J's Extracts they have been established since 2006 learning more and more about OG's. Im a sukker for OG's when its forreal.! But i loved how they had the flowers for you to taste and the shatter of those exact flowers.! I havent been to a booth who did that. I had such a blast.
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