by on December 2, 2015
I don't mean to start off so grim this morning, it's just a heavy hit to the heart when you are reminded how easily someone can be taken from this life, unexpectedly, at any age.

I should be beyond grateful I have never had to deal with personal death in my life.

I see people I knew in high school dying, co-workers family/friends, friends of friends, or just someones face I’ve seen, maybe talked to a couple times..

I don’t know how well I'd handled it.

I can handle my own self destructive tendencies, which maybe makes me selfish or hypocritical in a sense but,

I don’t think I’d mentally know what to do if/when I lose someone so significant in my life, as other people have lost by my age.

I greatly admire those who have kept going, because coming to terms of losing someone you have loved dearly will never be an easy task in most lives.

I know it will come, but I am thankful I have not known death.

only my own dark battles.

Appreciate those who would change your world if they were gone forever tomorrow.

Appreciate life every day, even when its hard to see whats worth appreciating, you are worth it <3
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Yes, life is precious. Cherish it, yours and others' and enjoy life.
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