by on November 16, 2015
Have a great day everyone! Smile

I'm spending my Monday & Tuesday packing, then staying in a hotel with momma bear tomorrow night til Wednesday, so I am sorry I have been a little inactive. I plan to blog and post more when everything is settled again.

I am beyond grateful for becoming a 420 nurse, my California experience and everyone i have met/talked to from being involved with nurses.

I have made good friends, online and face-to-face.
I have gone to and thoroughly enjoyed multiple cannabis events.
I have widened my knowledge and taste in the cannabis industry.
And I have found myself never wanting a career in anything less than fully supporting & expanding cannabis for our world.

People told me before I moved out here(Los Angeles), that I would smoke so much I wouldn't want to smoke so much or slow down when I got to California.
Well that is CLEARLY not the case haha

Meeting amazing nurses;
they really are not only sweet, beautiful stoners or mild patients, but most have severe medical issues and cannabis allows them handle their daily business and responsibilities just fine.
I've seen and heard even more incredible medical cases about how people, children to elders, have used CBDs and THCs to stop/cure/help/heal whatever their severe, sometimes defined "incurable", issue is,
when something from cannabis is proven the only thing to work and the only thing to work without hurting your body.

Nothing FDA approved outweighs my beliefs of the benefits/down-sides of cannabis.
I will not stop fighting for cannabis.

I plan to keep my major in the science/medical field, continue with the 420 nurses, possibly start a Washington DC chapter one day, and continue growing/expanding myself.

I love you guys, I'd love to meet more great nurses, and chat with more wonderful stoners I've met on here.

Go take a toke for world peace, the 420 nurses and your lovely self reading this <3

Thanks guys

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great blog!!! miss you alerady doll xoxo
Like November 16, 2015
love this blog! it was such a pleasure getting to meet and sesh with you.. your vibes are awesome <3 miss you!
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