by on November 6, 2015
I was suppose to live on the west coast until February 2017 so re-planning my next couple-years- goals have been kind of difficult lately but I will figure it out, after all, shit works out the way it should and I could be in far worse situations.

The 420 nurses let an intern achieve ranks at her own pace and even though I am a little set back from where I had planned, I am excited to make my comeback when I move back <3 but until then I will be back in community college at my dads in Maryland & still always supporting all my nurses on here & instagram :*

BUT before I leave Los Angeles for a little while, I was wondering if anyone that's been in the area, knew of some cool places to go see before i leave in a couple weeks?

I am FINALLY going to the Long Beach aquarium with my momma tomorrow, but i'd like to see other museums and scenic views

If anyone reads this..
Tell me your favorite part of your hometown? Smile

AND/OR someone actually tell me some worth seeing places in the SoCal area

Happy daze fellow stoners <3
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the hike to the hollywood sign is cool:] im a californian and barely did the hike for the first time this year...
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