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I haven't much talked about my condition, nor do I complain much when It flares up.
But talking to friends I have realized how little people know about Fibromyalgia and the pain someone like me goes through.
My name is Ladybugg420 and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 18.
It started off with aches and stabbing pains after I got done doing simple chores. I was only 18 I knew I wasn't supposed to hurt like that.
After multiple blood test the only results the doctor had was Fibromyalgia. Even to this day my blood is clean of any sign of known disease.
It only took a few months before the aches and stabbing pains became daily.
Doctors wanted to prescribe so many pills, and that wasn't okay with me.
So cannabis became my savior. And although it helps me get through the normal daily aches and pains, sometimes theres just nothing to do.
Heres a LONG list of aches and pains people with Fibromyalgia go through.
Starting with the feet. After walking a distance feet begin to feel like they are swelling from the pain, and my ankles get weak, while the pain travels thro your calf of a numbing pain all the way up to your hips.
When you sit down the edge of the chair feels like your sitting on a narrow pole.
When you cross your legs you can feel the weight of your leg crushing the other.
When your legs flair up one touch, a step from a cat, or the affection of another, feels like someone punched you in the leg. Or tight clothing feels like it was made with pin needles to stab you a million times at once all day long.
Or your hips feel so weak it almost feels like someone took an ice-cream scooper and took chucks of muscles out of your hips.
Lets move on to the back and mid section.
Lower back, when you sit down or stand, or move, it almost feels like your muscles are being ripped apart or torn from your spine.
OR when MULTIPUL muscle spots on your spine simultaneously feel like they are pinched.
Sometimes your chest and rib muscles hurt so bad every breath feels like someone stabbed you in the lungs.
Or when you get uncontrollable hiccups for 3 days an every hiccup feels like your being stabbed in the diaphragm.
Sometimes your shoulders feel like some 400lb guy just punched you in the shoulder blade, and every breath you take feels like he punched you again and again and again.
Sometimes your wrists get so weak from pain you cant even hold a fork.
Or your neck!
Oh that's where it feels like it comes from, but its just another spot for pain.
When it flares and your head feels like a bowling ball. You feel like you use every muscle in your neck to just hold your head and when your trying you almost feel the muscles ripping from you neck.
And then that pain turns into the WORLDS WORST fluctuating migraine for a week.
And all this pain comes with
Not being able to eat, because your stomach is in so much pain any bite you take or any food you look at just makes you hurt even more.
I wound up losing 30Lbs in 7 months because I couldn't eat and I still cant gain it back.
Not being able to control your bowels because the muscles in your stomach are effected with FibroFlaires.
Not being able to control your own thoughts, or actions because the muscles in your head are fighting so hard to deal with the pain.
Simple tasks such as cooking, or driving become impossible.
Taking care of yourself, HA never again.
Because when it flares, you cant feed yourself, you cant clean yourself or your home, you can be lucky if you get out of bed for a week.
Along with Fibro Fighers like me there are other diseases out there that need awareness.
Although my pictures look GOURGOUS and my videos FLAWLESS, Wink My life and my condition, is not. Its painful, and not only for my body but for my mind.
It takes a strong person to raise a home and a family, but it takes a stronger person to realize if you cant do it alone, its okay to ask for help, and its okay to finish something with a team.
So if you read this, and come to this I hope this touches you and you look at someone in your life a little different, because we all struggle, weather we show it or not, and everyone needs help.
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This is beautiful. I thought you just didnt wear pants because your butt is so cutes.
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Thank you guys!
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