by on August 20, 2015
This hempfest was amazing, so amazing I decided to write you about my entire 3 day experience! Smile
This year we had the amazing opportunity to help Seeley Memorial Stage give dabs to fans, friends, family, and activists who entered Hempfest.
We had BackStage passes giving us access to meet the AMAZING crew who helps Seeley Stage run and who help build the stage.
This Hempfest started off with a kind of crazy Friday, as we arrived around 9am to start setting up the clouds in the sky, we knew it was gonna rain. And it did. For the first time in about 150 Days of almost pure sunlight and heat, Seattle reached over an inch of rain in one day.
BUT WE are WASHINGTONIONS and we knew it was coming, so as we prepared all morning for the up and coming rain, it got to about 10am, the time the park opened to the public, and it was POURING. one step under cover and you were drenched. "Welcome to Washington Wink"
Although all of the Stages plsying music were down for safety reasons we still had our stereo in the back blaring our hippy music from the back of Seeley Memorial Stage. Still serving dabs 4:20 came around and just as we hoped SEATTLE came thro, as a crowd carrying a tarp to stay dry came for 4:20 as Seeley Memorial Stage gives free joints on 4:20.
As we pushed thro Fridays rain I headed back home at 8:30 to get what rest I could before Saturday.
Saturday morning 7am I was up and ready to head back to Hempfest.
Again arriving at 9am to set up early the sun had decided to pop through. Still chilly but dry atleast. While working with some new girls who are working towards their intern kit and our new Photographer Sierra Larson.
We went thro Saturday to serve over 500 dabs and helped get donations that went straight to Hempfest for their amazing work.
We shut down Saturday around 8:30 once again to get ready for sunday, because we all looked forward to the sun that was expected.
We wake up Sunday at 7am to see the sun already shining. My mood already lifted we headed to Seattle. Arrived to see my Vice President FibroStoned already had arrived and set up the Dab bar.
So glad I had her there all weekend, I don't know what id do without her. Smile
Sunday started as the weather permitted me to finaly get into booty Shorts! Smile
Sundays weather reached up to about 80* which made sunday the most populated day. We had gotten more donations for Hempfest.
I also met the ENTIRE Caviar Records and Caviar Promo team.
I also met Jared with Safer Shirts as well as Coral Reefer a super amazing activist from Massachusetts.
We served almost 700 dabs Sunday as well has multiple photographers who came up to take our pictures.
If you haven't gotten to enjoy the family we call hempfest please go to to find out if there will be a hempfest in your State.
Also feel free to read the article I posted previous about what hempfest is.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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