by on August 7, 2015
I haven't written a blog in a while, but with recent events I think its time.
I have been a 420nurses Intern for almost 2 years now.
I have been a 420nurses Chapter Leader now for about 6 months.
Being here and being as involved as I am I would like to point out the amazing things I have learned and experienced in the 420nurses community.
I hope I can push some ladies to join our family here Smile
My first experience with a 420nurse was DankDanii. She had gotten me into the Live Chat they have available here. Well when I got into the chat I had no idea what 420nurses were. Not even a week goes in and I fell in love with everyone who hung out on Live Chat and I had found a local chapter here in Washington to learn more about what 420nurses did.
The first thing that stood out to me in my experience so far is how family oriented this community was. Anytime I had any concern or problem or I didn't know what I was doing, a simple call to SummerRain or ChaChaVaVoom even being a few states away, and everything was okay. Still 2 years in I can go to them when I need anything.
My first event as a 420nurse was Seattle Hempfest 2014. I had the amazing opportunity to connect with the Stage Director at Seeley Memorial stage and we all got backstage passes to the stage. I had never had such an amazing time as I did knowing I was surrounded by amazing women.
As I grew more as a 420nurse I have experienced some amazing things.
I have had pretty bad anxiety for most of my life due to some traumatic things in my child hood, and being in a community where we push to make each other better, not only as people and as women but with the amazing help of cannabis, I have learned more how to cope with my anxiety.
Today I just finished a Meeting to finalize our plans this year for Hempfest 2015 where we plan to run a dab bar around Seeley Memorial Stage.
To sum this up, Being in business of women isn't always easy, nor is it always easy to take the criticism of other people on what we do here. But EVERY time I sit down with a group of girls, and I get pictures done, or a meeting finshed, or I get done explaining what we do here as activists, it fills my heart with so much joy.
We put smiles on faces that other wise might not smile, we educate people who would other wise not know what cannabis has to offer, and we get to live a life most only dream of.
Everyday I wake up and I thank 420nurses for what they have opened up for me, not only have they opened an entire new world in the cannabis community but they make everyone feel so beautiful.
Thank you everyone here, and I cant wait to keep growing with everyone.
One love!
-Lakewood Washington 420nurses Chatper Leader Ladybugg420 Smile
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Angela Asphyxia
You were one of the first people I met when I joined 420Nurses and you still inspire me to this day! Keep up the amazing work, Ladybugg420! <3
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