by on March 2, 2014
This is what i posted as a facebook status and i decided id share it with everyone here, my facebook is if anyone wants to add me.!!
Heres the status!!

I hope everyone who has added me recently or has gotten a request from me as gotten a change to go to and BECOME MY FAN! As for this status Im going to explain in my words what 420nurses is for those who dont know! <33
What is 420nurses?
*420nurses is Promotion. They are based around Sexy Ladies from all around the world who promote the use of Medical Marijuana. You can find Sexy Models, Photographers, and artists of all sorts to help promote YOUR product.
*420nurses is family. I have been to many site and talked to many people but i have found the most love and openness and happiness in this community then i have anywhere else. And i encurage anyone who needs a family to be there, weather you smoke or not, we are a family and as long as you support us we will support you! Thats what family does.
*420nurses is world wide. As 420nurses is based around Sexy Women Promoting the use of Marijuana, they have become world wide, as i see people from all over visit our Live Chat!
*420nurses is unique. Every woman or man you will find there has their own unique story and their own struggles but the one thing that unites us all is how much the use of Marijuana has improved our lifes. There are all kinds of beautiful nurses from thick and curvy, to thin and boney, black and white, blonde and even green hair. Come find your favorite 420Nurse!
Hope you all like it, dont forget to fan me as well. Ill share the love <33
Have a great day! Stay happy!
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