by on December 4, 2013
Day 14. Almost Halfway through this 30 days. So here we go.
With all the things i have been through, one thing they have caused is memory probems for me.
Sometimes I wont remember a conversation we had a week ago, sometimes I wont remember a conversation i just had 10 min ago.
I have no memory of my child hood pre14 years. and i barely remember anything from then untill now.
I have lived most of my life thinking it was normal, but recently i have realized that most people have the memorys i dont, and remember things that i dont.
In my heart, im he strongest girl ive ever met, but on my head, im weaker then i could imagine, and it scares me.
Not knowing if something has happened that i should remember, or if i made a promise that i broke that i don remember.
Now i am a strong woman, and in being a strong woman i find ways to get around my weaknesses.
I have learned that if i have good friends with me at all times who know about my problems, they can help me when i dont remember. But its up to me to put my trust into them to not lie. Which is the hardest part
Alhought i may not remember as much as i should, sometimes i see it as a benifit to not remember the bad things that have happened.
Well theres another thing you may not know about me.
I hope you all have an amazing day and an even better 420!! <3
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