by on September 21, 2013
The first time I ever heard about the 420Nurses was prior to a Kottonmouth Kings show called Jingle Bowls in Anaheim CA. On the concert flyers online it had '420Nurses' on it. That's when I clicked the flyer and saw a small paragraph saying how they need girls 18+ go with them and participate with 420Nurses for the night. I thought 'Holy crap no way!, too good to be true' Then I read it more thoroughly and reread 18+ (I wasn't of age at the time). The first time I saw them in person it was amazing it was like a whole other world you would die to be apart of because (if you were me) they stand against what you stand against and fight for what you fight for, and share the same views on things. You can't begin to imagine the wave of reassurance seeing this group of beautiful women, not just pretty faces but they have just as much smarts to back up those looks, fighting for rights in a different way. The activists are models and the models are the activists. They all have their own personalities unlike other modern models and model companies, everything is the same. whats the deal? And That's where 420Nurses comes in.

420Nurses is so much more then a 'Modeling Company' To be a 420Nurse you have to either purchase the intern kit or you can go and find some one to sponsor you. It's kind of an interesting way to do things, you cant afford to buy it well you can work for it, after getting your intern kit you get to attend intern meetings. Now I've only been to two, but those were 'Intro to Intern Meeting' and a small get together, but I think that day when I went there it was the first time I felt happy since I moved to Hemet I mean I had no friends in Hemet, Still my old friends came up every now& then but I hadn't had a chance to make any new friends in over 5 months. It was awesome cause I got to meet a bunch of cool girls who know who they are. usually I don't get along with girls, but this group of girls and everyone I've met and conversed with, are some of the realest most down to earth people I've talked to. This experience is an amazing thing for me and I am so happy to be a part of this amazing movement, someday soon I will be able to call myself a 420Nurse Intern.
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