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What’s it like to live in a state where marijuana is completely legal? I know I’m not the first person to ask this, don’t tell me you never thought of it either.
It kind of of surprises me that California was in fact NOT the first to legalize Marijuana/Hemp. I mean we’re in the state known for how DANK our herb is everyone knows California is where it’s at 
So anyways, I decided to take matter into my own hands, I want to know how it is to not feel sketched out about going to the store with the tiniest of bowl on me, or growing herb in my backyard. Here in California I know the cops abuse their powers with the Marijuana laws, under no means am I saying all of them do because there are some wonderful cops that do their job with an equal amount of respect for everyone.
But, I want to know what it’s like with recreational smokers, as well as medicinal. A lot of people don’t have a medical need to smoke, but after a day of school, work, long days its nice to relax and smoke a nice blunt. Its like coming home and crackin’ open a tall can or drinking a glass of wine. The only difference between the two is one is natural Wink
Back to the to task at hand, when I read these answers it made me smile & happy to know that we are getting closer and closer to overcoming this damn phase, YES A PHASE, this too shall pass. Already 2 states fully legalized Marijuana for personal use. It was a close draw with Colorado pulling in 55% of voters to pass amendment 64 and Washington with 56% voting yes on Initiative 502. We need more of us to get out there and VOTE!
So what are the Legal matters? The recreational matters? And what about the police? Lets find out and move on to see what Denver Dabbin had to say, coming from Denver Colorado with 3 kids & a happy wife also owning his house for over 13 years. You can find him here at facebook.com/denver.dabbing
9. How does it affect people who don’t smoke?
More of the people are being educated on the benefits of it.
12. Is it looked down upon?
Yes,still has the stigmata on it from years ago and will continue for years to come.
14.Do you find teenagers abusing it?
Yes, but nothing more then before.

Now lets move on to a fellow Nurse she lives in Colorado Springs and wanted me to know whats on HER mind, with descriptive answers shes ready to let you guys know her thoughs! I’d love to post ALL her answers but instead I will show you the ones that hit home for me. You can find her on 420nurses.com/Katie_cbd_Kush or Facebook.com/JKcbdthc420
1. Do you think it was a good Idea to legalize marijuana?
I do believe it was, and is a good idea to legalize the world. Hemp is a very valuable plant that can not only get us out of debt, but save our trees to produce our oxygen. For instance, our home will be made out of hemp and our fence bordering our property, hemp as well. Our cement for our foundation, Hemp as well. It's extremely useful and very cheap to grow.

3. Whats the mass amount you can carry on you without getting fined?
currently the police, and the state of colorado, comply with your medical needs. I have a 75 plant count and can legally carry 2 pounds on me at once, my fiancé has 26 and our roommate has 25! We've recently had 6 detectives in our home and told us were perfectly fine. Its’ a huge relief honestly.

4. Is it publicized a lot?
Ok last night I heard a commercial saying these medical marijuana strains have being recalled.... He went on to advertise all the strains he had, jack herer, ak 47 chem dog... And so on, best commercial I’ve ever heard. At first there was alot of propaganda but it ceased as it was legalized. Me personally advertise as much as I can with my regulars at work and people jump on the conversation in a heart beat.
10. Has it become at all socially acceptable?
It's still illegal to walk down streets and smoke.. But we do it Anyways. We go to a small city Manitou Springs and everybody lights up. it's just the parts of town your in I guess. I've met the best people like that. Here's one, I was at work, Harvest time last summer and A couple dozen people walk up to me wrap me in their arms and say I could just roll you up right now. The aroma attracts dozens at a time, I've never really had a bad complaint. I was how ever in David's bridal looking for my wedding dress and I had a large circle formed around me because of the smell.. Some like it some dont. The ballot to legalize got more votes then Obama, but won by a hairline. 55.43/44.68. It's truely fifty fifty.
She concluded with this statement “For the most part colorado has it right. Legalize the world<3”
If you had the choice would you rather choose to reside in Colorado or Washington?
The next & final person I questioned is a close friend of mine, Patrick delsol, when I lived in San Marcos Patrick was my neighbor. He moved to washington 6 months ago, His main thing is skating which he is wicked good at, he also rides a scooter like nodoby’s business. Lets see things from his prespective.

5. Do you find people still trying to get it banned?
I personally have not encountered anybody still attempting to ban marijuana

15. Have you realized the police abusing their power with the Marijuana laws?
personally I have not witnessed any police abusing their "power" on the subject

19. Do you know of any Police or authority figures that smoke?
I do not currently know if any authority figures who use marijuana, although I definitely would not be surprised

I think Washington would be awesome to move to, but maybe that’s just cuz I have a friend who lives there! Where would you want to live?
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XOXO, Wickid
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