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420Nurses Day 2 on Updating review for the patients on under Businesses

Express How you Feel TUESDAY Street Promo Date with The 420Nurses was amazing,
Both 420Nurse ChaCha and Summer traveled the 818 in our new Promo420Nurses vehicle.

Our Fist stop of the day was at Sherman Wellness Center met with Mike very Kind, Compassionate and knowledgeable of the medicine - The shop is located inside a huge shopping center


Please be sure to check out our review on the Marilyn OG from Sherman Wellness Center

Right Next door we found VPC CARE - Click on the link for the business listing - you may follow them and life them

It was amazing watching the day pass still with so many green centers to visit - next on van nuys blvd we saw was ATC Alternative Therapy Collective visiting new shops located on VAN NUYS BLVD

We came across a few shops that were not ready to be reviewed like the godfather but we do hope to hear back from them soon for a full tour of the collective - be sure to check them out on here

We were so happy and excited heading to our next green place and we meet with Eves Garden finally had the pleasure of meeting with Cristina - Check out my review on an edible cake along with sum White Widow never before seen Wink
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