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Female Born on February 22
by on August 6, 2021
I love edibles 🥰 I love how I can stay high for hours it's the best I don't always feel like a couch potato high so that's always bitching to I can get things done has for someone who makes edibles I love them strong ! How about you guys opinions would be great 😊 
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by on June 3, 2021
Hi just wanted to see how many of my people love bongs over anything 🖤 I love the high I get with it shit hits different right lol I love joints as well to and edibles oh man they be hitting I make my own edibles and I just love them 🖤 if anyone would like to purchase hit me up let me know 
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by on May 24, 2021
I'm not sure how many people suffer from scoliosis I do and it's always a bitch all day to get anything done .. I love edibles it makes my body feel great I feel less pain and I am relaxed helps me with anxiety as well and my panic attacks I make edibles so I love mine to hit and yes sit on the couch type of high I love it 😻 so if you have pain like me edibles is the best and C-B-D edibles to help so much 
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by on May 14, 2021
I love indica it helps me so much with depression cramps and my back pain I use it day and night it doesn't get me all sleepy like everyone? says I can function just right anyone the same way ?? I started my morning with my indica and feel good the whole day well with tokes in between lol 
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by on May 8, 2021
Hi I'm Nikki I smoked with my son Damien who is now 15 months I smoked jays and bowls 3 times a day at least 3-4 times a day up until 7 months because my doctor said they drug test I know there are lots of moms and people wondering about smoking while pregnant.   My experience with smoking cannabis and pregnant 🤰 is my son is a healthy boy very smart little guy talks a lot about walked at 9 months sure he has the munchies all the time lol but he's a great little guy no complications at allðŸ...
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by on May 6, 2021
I would make a great joint model I smoked joints on a daily have a high tolerance 😖 so I can smoke and smoke lol 😂 I roll my own wax and hash joints love them my name is Nikki I'm 32 grew up in a house hood of potheads and growers I know a lot about weed I use it for everything I have scoliosis so I use weed for pin and C-B-D that's why I'm making C-B-D and edibles for people in pain like I am I don't take pain meds my medicine is my weed 😍
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by on May 6, 2021
Hello I am new and making 420 nurses a daily part of my life trying to network I have a Instagram for my edibles Nikkigoodies420 I'm trying to see where this goes feel free to add my original account as well retrodoll420 maybe girls in my area Whittier would like to link up or something just comment 😀😃 also looking for more canna moms to chill with I love weed lol it's the best part of life if you ask me 🙂🙃
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by on May 5, 2021
Hello I'm retrodoll420 I'm a canna momma I love to smoke it helps me through my day come on kids stress us out so weed helps me stay calm and chill throughout the day we need more canna moms out there 🙂 
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