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Female Born on May 29
by on June 17, 2015
Hello all, My name is Jocelyn but on all social media you can find me as Batsncats, It has come to my attention that on social media and also in real life many seem to think that most of us Prop. 215 patients smoke for no medical reason at all, This is not true. Especially for myself. So I've decided to use these two hashtags "#askmeWhyIsmoke/#AskmewhyImedicate" In hopes people will actually open their mouth, ears and eyes and discover how medical cannabis is helping me live my life. I Personal...
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by on September 19, 2014
So fuck, Got the most random interview call(been waiting since april) and well I stopped my t-break two months ago cause I gave up. Its a mouth swab test, I'm chugging water and will be eating fatty things tomorrow to over work the saliva glads. Any other tips?
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by on August 26, 2014
I loooovveedd it, Worked for Thrive High Corp who gave out nice joints and some dank shatter,But my personal favorite Shatter is from one of our neighbors SpOILed Patients Collective. They we super friendly as well and Smokers only! (a dope clothing brand) and 0gravitySF. Met some dope people walking around as well Shout out to DJ Stone, Go check out 420dating, I got a dope bong, ceramic domeless, some shirts from @Smokersonly and some waxes/concentrates from waxman, spoiled, 0gravitySF, bullyb...
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by on December 22, 2013
But life changes have been hitting hard, legit couch surfing etc. I am still looking for Sponsors in any way shape or form I am also trying giveaways on different sites for equipment like cameras clothing etc. Hopefully soon I will finally get a job and can be active online with photo's videos etc. Keep me in good thoughts and send your positive vibes my way. <3
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