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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

High! I go by HighHoney420 and my Name is Taylor Mackenzie Billings. I’m very frightened when entering contests like this but maybe this will help others to have confidence to enter contests like this! I’d love to be the next 420Nurses Cover Model for It’s Your Lifestyle Magazine🌈

Among so many others, I suffer from a range of health problems. My intestines being twisted, Kidney stones, paranoia, severe anxiety, PTSD, Agoraphobia & problems I have yet to get diagnosed since losing my health insurance. In 2013, I almost lost my life to kidney stones. My parent’s bought a house & brought me with them to recover from surgery to a state that is against Cannabis. Since the first time I’ve tried it, I’ve found myself through Cannabis.🌼 Not everyone can get the insurance, medicine or help they need😢 Every day can be a challenge.. I want to show others that are suffering that they don’t have to let the pain or suffering win, they can fight back. Accomplish their goals & wildest dreams. ☁️

Cannabis, Modeling & Gaming has always managed to help me through my toughest times, so I use all of the above to help spread awareness about this life saving plant. 420Nurses helps me to make friends, advocate, promote & connect with people & businesses in the Cannabis Industry until I can be somewhere it’s more accepting.

Even if I don’t win, I’m just really grateful to be here to help💛

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