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Magazine Cover Girl 2ND

Why I should be the cover Girl

Hello my lovelies Moonchild here 🥰🌙 

This is my second time trying for the cover of its your lifestyle magazine. As I've said before being a model and being in magazines has been a goal of mine since I was 16 years old. I'm now 24, I'm 3 different magazines, it's no cover thou. But it's something and it makes me feel good and that I'll be able to make cover model some day. 
I know I've been distant in the last couple years but life got really hard and I needed a reality check lol 😂 🙏 

Now here I am with better head on my shoulders and more confidence in myself, I received not just one but two 420nurses award, that meant everything to me and also no more giving a fuck I'm sorry for swearing but it's time to let go. I'm not expecting to win, I honestly don't win a lot of things anyways, but if I do it'll be a dream come true 🔥🎆♾💕 

Congratulations to all the contestants and good luck 🍀 

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